The uDR Difference​

Brilliant Details at Low Dose ​

The uDR portfolio offers innovative digital imaging technologies that enable excellent image quality to clearly visualize fine details. Designed using the ALARA (as low as reasonably achievable) principle, our acquisition of high-quality X-ray images using low patient exposures requires detectors with high detective quantum efficiency (DQE).

Images Courtesy Of United Imaging

Patient Centered Automation

All customers deserve the ability to provide their referring physicians with consistent, high-quality images, regardless of patient type. That's why our uDR portfolio includes automated features, standard. The uDR portfolio is ergonomically designed to optimize patient comfort and accommodates a diverse patient population. Our systems enable your technologist to focus more on patient care, instead of positioning, without sacrificing image quality. ​

Designed to Delight the User​

The uDR portfolio is compact and easy to move and position, delivering a great user experience during every examination. Dual detectors, easy-glide technology, in-bucky charging, and cable-free handling are just a few of the features designed to optimize the user experience. The powerful uDR systems are fully configured to meet the volume demand of any imaging department today and tomorrow. ​

A Portfolio United​

Digital Mobile Radiography