The uMI® Difference​

We Design for the Future — You EXPLORE it.​

The uMI digital PET portfolio is designed to stand the test of time from both a technological and clinical perspective. Leveraging the uEXPLORER® total-body PET platform all our systems have the highest NEMA PET resolution which improves image quality and lesion detection, delivering more clinical insight to more patients. ​

We Focus on the Patient Experience​

The distinctions of the uMI portfolio are driven by patients by focusing on their experience and outcomes. High system sensitivity boosts data acquisition enables low dose PET scans while a large PET field of view lowers total scan time. Our comfortable table and illuminated bore provide a stress-free patient scan while our digital motion correction limits repeat scans.​

We Bring AI-Assisted PET/CT for All​

United Imaging uAI® technologies are ushering in a new era in molecular imaging. We are streamlining routine clinical workflows, allowing the ability to scan faster while improving PET imaging quality, and providing image consistency in all clinical settings from academic to free standing imaging centers. ​