The uMR Difference

Exceptional Patient Experience

The uCS® 2.0 platform provides both fast acquisition for shorter table time and high isotropic image resolution for robust diagnostic reports. The ability to start a scan in the room helps further shorten exam times and improve the patient experience. Together, a fast, modern interface and the deep learning acquisition and reconstruction reduce exam times to help you improve patient satisfaction.​

AI-Assisted MRI for All​

Artificial intelligence is provided across the portfolio enabling comfort for patients with conversation level scan noise combined with ultra-fast scanning. Technologists benefit from 1-click scanning and touchless motion sensing. AI-assisted technology can be used to increase signal-to-noise and resolution of scans, recovering valuable diagnostic information for Radiologists.​

Reproducible Quality​

Approximately 20% of MRI scans are repeated due to image artifacts, which can add up to revenue loss of $592 per hour.1 Investing in a high-homogeneity uMR system with fast and high-resolution imaging can minimize image artifacts and patient movement, to help prevent revenue loss from repeat studies.

1. Assumption of $450 reimbursement with 45 min schedule slot and a rescan rate of 20%, retrieved from 10/10/2022