The uCT Difference

Designed for Image Quality and Low Dose ​

The ability to obtain high-resolution images for all patient types at a low dose relies on a quality product. United Imaging offers the same CT quality and software platform on all systems. The Z-Detector architecture enables high resolution and low noise imaging across the entire uCT portfolio.

Image Courtesy Of Saint Joseph's Regional Medical Center, Indiana

Designed for Ease with AI

Our AI-empowered workflow enables fast and reproducible positioning with a single click and automatically selects the scan range based on the scout, optimizing image quality and dose to the patient. This platform adapts to your growing department needs and works to support a large daily patient throughput while maintaining high image quality.​

Designed for Growth

All uCT scanners are fully configured to image a wide variety of patient and exam types, including bariatric and pediatric patients, patients with metal implants, angiography, and cardiology exams. Advanced applications and advanced post-reconstruction analysis are included with every scanner, so you can image your patients with confidence, while expanding your clinical capabilities and growing your business.