United Imaging adheres to the core business philosophy of winning trust with our brand and quality and empowering our partners with compliant practices. We are committed to establishing compliant management systems to prevent, detect and mitigate risk and to creating and fostering a culture of compliance. This commitment includes empowering our workforce to make compliance a top priority and to embrace honesty and integrity as core values.

Through this webpage, you will learn about United Imaging's compliance policies, our requirements for our employees and our business partners, and our tools and documents to assist you in fulfilling your compliance obligations. If you are a United Imaging employee or business partner, your attention and familiarity with these compliance policies are important. We encourage each United Imaging employee and each United Imaging business partners to conduct all their activities in a compliant manner to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Compliance Culture and Policy

Management Commitment

United Imaging is committed to complying with all applicable local laws, regulations and administrative rules. Each employee is expected to adhere to United Imaging's rules, regulations and requirements, including, compliance with laws and regulations relating to anti- corruption and commercial bribery, conflicts of interest, unfair competition, export control, intellectual property protection, data privacy and protection, and fair and truthful interactions with our customers and to observe the highest ethical standards and act in good faith. Each employee is responsible for ensuring United Imaging's operations are lawful and compliant.

Compliance System

United Imaging's Compliance Committee is chaired by our CEO. The Compliance Committee is responsible for creating, reviewing and implementing various protocols, procedures and guidelines for preventing, detecting and investigating any compliance risks. The Committee's actions are further enhanced by our compliance training for all employees, frequent audits to monitor compliance and prompt investigations of allegations of fraud or non-compliance with company's policies.

Data Privacy and Security

Data Privacy and Security Protection of patient health information is one of the highest priorities for the operations of United Imaging's products and services. Our Information Privacy and Security Committee and our Privacy Officer lead our commitment to ensure to that "privacy by default and privacy by design" compliance practices are integrated across business units and in our products Annual training on information privacy and data security is required for all employees. Additionally, we regularly conduct cybersecurity educational programs to promote employee awareness of this critical topic.

Our information security management system is ISO 27001 certified, and our products meet Evaluation Assurance Level 3+.

For more information regarding United Imaging's data privacy and security program, contact:

Export Control and Sanctions

Export Control and Sanction Program

Respect and adherence to applicable export controls and sanctions laws are essential principles in our global market strategy. We operate in a global market and it is our intent to comply with all applicable export controls and sanctions laws and regulations in the jurisdictions in which we do business.

We have implemented and enforce "Know Your Customer" rules. Our employees and our distributors receive frequent training regarding compliance with export controls and sanction laws. We use an onboarding screening system and conduct periodic checks of our customers and vendors to identify and monitor for risks of non-compliance.

All buyers of our products are required to execute an End-User Statement certifying that they are the final recipient of the product and have no intention of re-exporting any product.

Third Party Compliance Management


All suppliers of products or services to United Imaging are expected to adhere to our standards of conduct and all applicable laws and regulations including, without limitation, laws related to fair competition, trade, employee rights, environmental protection, and social responsibility.


All distributors of United Imaging products must successfully complete the screening due diligence process and must adhere to stringent standards when selling our products. Distributors are an important part of our global footprint and are expected to adhere to all applicable laws and regulations.

Hotline Reporting

Hotline Reporting

If United Imaging employee or business partner believe they may be violating any law or regulation the matter may be reported to (1) the Chief Compliance Officer or (2) anonymously to (833) 290-0001 or www.lighthouse-services.com/united-imaging