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The uDR 596i is a powerful floor-mounted x-ray system that's easy to move and position, delivering a great user experience. The system is fully configured with two wireless 17" x 17" digital flat panel detectors and many automated features such as auto tracking, auto stitching  and auto collimation technology. The uDR 596i boasts exquisite image quality for all types of exams.

The uDR 596i is optimized for exceptional image quality at a low dose. The uDR 596i has two 17" x17" cesium iodide (CsI) based detectors that offer high detective quantum efficiency (DQE) and spatial resolution, enabling high quality x-ray images using low patient exposures.

Excellent Image Quality

The uDR 596i is an easy-to-use fully automated system that was ergonomically designed to optimize the user experience, accommodate a varied patient population and support volume demands for digital radiography. 

Designed for Versatility

The uDR 596i comes fully configured with two 17" x 17" wireless HD digital detectors, auto tracking, auto stitching and a table with a 705 lb. table weight limit to meet all of your needs today and as you grow your business tomorrow. 

Meeting Your Needs Today and Tomorrow

Floor-mounted uDR 596i automated x-ray system on transparent background

Founded on Innovation

Large Coverage Wireless HD Flat Panel Detector

The large, 17" x 17" 9.4 MP cesium iodide (CsI) based flat-panel detectors offer high detective quantum efficiency (DQE) and spatial resolution enabling high quality x-ray images at a lower dose. The large detectors accommodate a wide range of patient coverage and positioning requirements. It's built for durability to withstand the demands of any X-ray department. 

Auto Stitching Technology

The Automatic Smart Stitching Technology offers high quality panoramic imaging by automatically stitching multiple image projections into a single comprehensive image to help streamline the orthopedic imaging workflow and potentially improve diagnostic confidence. 

Automatic Light Field Collimator

The automatic light field collimator provides rapid and precise irradiation field setup before each exposure, reducing unnecessary radiation dose to the patient.

Picture of uDR 596i touchscreen at the tube head

Advanced and Intuitive LCD Touchscreen

An elegant user interface at the tube head displays essential patient positioning and user information all at once to help ensure better patient verification.

Auto Tube Detector Tracking

Automatic tube-detector tracking synchronizes movement between the x-ray tube and the flat-panel detector, which significantly reduces positioning time.

Innovation that Delivers

Exquisite Image Quality at a Low Dose

The uDR 596i offers innovative digital imaging technologies combined with cesium iodide (CsI) based detectors that enable you to clearly visualize fine details at a low dose.

Delivering Patient Comfort

The uDR 596i is ergonomically designed to optimize patient comfort and accommodate a diverse patient population. Built-in movement assistance and safeguard functionalities facilitate operator efficiency and patient safety. The system enables your technologist to focus more on patient care, instead of positioning, without  sacrificing image quality. 

Designed to Delight the User

The uDR 596i is a powerful, compact and easy to move and position system that delivers a great user experience during every examination. Full automation, dual detectors, easy-glide technology, in-bucky charging, and cable-free handling are just a few of the features designed to optimize the user experience. 

Grow Your Clinical Offerings

As part of our All In Configurations™, the uDR 596i is sold fully configured with all available software features and applications. This gives you the flexibility to use these features immediately or in the future, allowing you to grow your business without additional investments in software. 

Outcome of Innovation

Images Courtesy Of Baaxten Imaging, Texas (The First Three Images) and Memorial MRI and Diagnostic, Texas (The Last Three Images)