Power at the Point of Care​

The uDR 380i Pro is a high-performing and agile mobile X-ray system with an ultra-narrow body design, a high voltage generator, and the uVision Remote Console that redefines the workflow for point of care imaging.​

The uDR 380i Pro is ultra-compact and lightweight with a zero-radius turn making it easy to maneuver and to fit into tight spaces such as the NICU and emergency room. The powerful system has a long-lasting battery enabling 800 exposures per charge.​

Power at Your Fingertips​

The uDR 380i Pro is a fast-moving system with a smart workflow that is enabled by the uVision Remote Console. The innovative real-time system status is available while driving, positioning and charging, allowing you to keep pace with high volume mobile radiography demands.​

Power to Keep Pace​

The uDR 380i Pro has a 50 kW high voltage generator to image a wide variety of patient and exam types. The 125 μm detector provides clear visualization of microstructures, providing high resolution digital imaging at the point of care while potentially increasing diagnostic confidence.​

Clearly Powerful ​

uDR 380i Pro mobile digital x-ray system with tube head up on transparent background. ​

Founded on Innovation

Technologist holding uVision Remote Console for uDR 380i Pro​

uVision Remote Console​

The uVision Remote Console is a removeable remote control with a touch screen that enables a smart workflow for mobile x-ray. uVision provides remote control functions, allowing technologists to observe the patient position, unilaterally communicate with the patient, create and edit an exam, operate exposure remotely and preview images after the exam all at a radiation free distance.​

Picture of uDR 380i Pro with technologist removing the 14”x17” detector ​

Light Weight Wireless Flat Panel Detector ​

The light weight 125 μm wireless flat panel detector offers high detective quantum efficiency (DQE) and spatial resolution enabling high quality x-ray images at a lower dose.​

uDR 380i clinical image of the chest.​

Powerful Imaging Chain ​

The powerful 50 kW high voltage generator and large capacity x-ray tube consistently support high image quality under high volume demands.​

Picture of uDR 380i mobile x-ray being pushed by technologist​

Powerful Long-Lasting Battery​

The high-capacity lithium battery and superlight chassis enables 50 miles continuous travel or 800 x-ray exposures with a single charge.​

Image of technologist using real-time display on uDR 380i Pro​

Real-Time System Status​

The innovative real-time system status is available while driving, positioning and charging. The system displays real-time display of endurance mileage, movement speed, road slope, rotation around horizontal axis angles and more.​

Innovation that Delivers

Exquisite Image Quality at a Low Dose​

The uDR 380i offers innovative digital imaging technologies combined with cesium iodide (CsI) based detectors that enable you to clearly visualize fine details at a low dose. Its powerful generator provides you the clinical flexibility to deliver excellent image quality for even the most challenging patient types.​

Easy to Drive and Maneuver​

The uDR 380i Pro ultra-narrow body width can easily move through busy and crowded environments including narrow corridors, small elevators and other tight spaces. With the help of the electric propulsion assistance, the system can be easily driven with one hand. The adjustable six-axis column permits flexible positioning for ER and ICU applications.

Smart Workflow at Your Fingertips ​

The uVision Remote console redefines the mobile x-ray workflow. The built-in collimator camera and multifunctional remote tablet allows the technologist to monitor and communicate with patients, adjust APR protocols, remotely operate exposure and preview images at a radiation free distance. ​

A System That Keeps Up with You​

The uDR 380i Pro is designed to handle your increasing procedure volumes with it's high-capacity lithium battery that enables 50 miles continuous travel or 800 x-ray exposures with a single charge. The real-time system status display is your system cockpit, that provides the vital information needed to keep the system running at your pace.​

Outcome of Innovation

Chest AP
Chest AP
Chest AP
Chest AP
Chest AP
Chest AP
Knee AP
Knee AP
Elbow AP
Elbow AP
Skull AP
Skull AP
Images Courtesy Of United Imaging