Breaking Barriers. Advancing Whole-Body Imaging. 

The uMI Panorama GS is an advanced PET/CT solution for whole-body imaging with state-of-the-art uExcel technology inside. The uMI Panorama GS is the first whole-body system to break the 200 ps timing barrier and touts an impressive 148 cm axial field of view.* This system delivers exceptional capabilities for both functional and anatomical imaging, expanding both clinical and research possibilities. ​
* Data on File.

uMI Panorama GS is a whole-body PET/CT system that is equipped with the next-generation uExcel UDP detector, enabling a record-breaking TOF performance, high spatial resolution, and high system sensitivity.

Precision Without Compromise

The remarkable 148 cm axial field of view (FOV) of this system allows for a broader high-sensitivity region within the axial FOV, supporting super-high resolution whole-body imaging. The innovative uExcel technology platform empowers uMI Panorama GS with an intelligent and user-friendly workflow.

Expanding Whole-Body Imaging with 148 cm AFOV

The comprehensive high system performance of the uMI Panorama GS can facilitate advancements in clinical practice and research in various PET/CT fields.

​Enabling a Panoramic View for New Clinical and Research Dimensions

Founded on Innovation

148 cm Single Bed Coverage

According to data on human height*, the median male height is 178.4 cm, and the median female height is 164.7 cm. The uMI Panorama GS offers a long axial field of view measuring 148 cm, enabling a single-bed scan to have the vertex to mid-thigh region fall within the high sensitivity range of the system for almost all individuals, enabling high-resolution whole-body PET/CT.

uExcel Digital PET Detector

The uExcel UDP PET detector utilizes a high-quality 2.76 mm LYSO crystal, resulting in the NEMA spatial resolution of 2.9 mm. With a 100% crystal-to-photoelectric sensor ratio, it enables complete coverage across the SiPM array, optimizing photon reception efficiency. The proprietary ASIC chip increases readout channels while reducing power consumption, enabling an impressive timing resolution of 199 ps.

High System Sensitivity 

The uMI Panorama GS, with its 148 cm axial field of view, represents a significant advancement in medical imaging technology. The extended field of view enables the scanner to capture a broader range of γ photon pairs, enhancing signal acquisition across adjacent units. Powered by this, uMI Panorama GS can carry out high-quality low-dose, ultra-fast, and long delay imaging.

Efficient and User-Friendly Workflow

The uAI Vision 3D camera introduces an innovative AI-empowered approach for scan planning and precise positioning. EasyRange, allows users to define customized and adaptable scanning ranges for reconstruction, which further enhances the automation and flexibility of clinical workflow.

Fast Data Processing for Image Reconstruction

The uMI Panorama GS incorporates cutting-edge computing machines, leveraging sophisticated technology and an advanced architecture for data processing. This intricate setup facilitates the real-time reconstruction of high-quality images, enabling a seamless and swift process during data acquisition.

Fits in a Traditional PET/CT Room 

The uMI Panorama GS is a long axial field of view system that fits within the footprint of a standard field of view PET/CT such as the uMI Panorama. This next-generation system can fit into facilities with legacy floorplans, offering a long AFOV solution without the hassle of substantial space adjustments.

Innovation that Delivers

Expanding Clinical and Research Dimensions

The uMI Panorama GS expands PET/CT clinical applications and research possibilities by visualizing dynamic whole-body PET tracer distribution, including whole-organ systems in a single bed position.

Redefining Clinical Flexibility with CT

This fully configured, 0.25 second rotation speed, 160-slice AI-empowered diagnostic CT provides high image quality with low radiation dose that can be used as a standalone or back-up CT for advanced Radiology procedures.

Focusing on Patient Experiences

The uMI Panorama GS has a 76 cm illuminated patient bore along with tunnel cameras and in-bore intercoms to improve the patient experience and comfort.

Enabling Exceptional Image Quality

The uMI Panorama GS touts 2.9 mm NEMA PET resolution along with 199 ps timing resolution and its 160-slice CT enables 0.25 s rotation speed with 0.22 mm spatial resolution for quantitative accuracy and small lesion detectability.

Outcome of Innovation

Large 1024 x 1024 Matrix

Single-Bed Whole-Body Imaging with Different Frame Duration

Total-Body Imaging via uMI Panorama GS

Dynamic Imaging via uMI Panorama GS

Brain Imaging via uMI Panorama GS

Functional and Anatomical Information Provided by uMI Panorama GS

Images Courtesy of the First People's Hospital of Kunshan, JS, CHN