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The uCT ATLAS is an ultra-premium CT scanner with z-axis coverage of up to 16 cm and up to 640-slices per rotation. The uCT ATLAS features a 0.25s rotation speed, an 82 cm ultra-wide bore and 700 lbs. table weight capacity to accommodate all types of patients, including bariatric. Born with AI, this system features the uAI® Vision 3D camera and utilizes industry-leading AI-empowered technologies throughout the system, offering precise imaging and ease of use for routine to advanced applications, including cardiac, acute care and trauma. ​

The uCT ATLAS is optimized for exceptional image quality at a low dose. The uCT ATLAS is ultra-fast, with a rotation speed of 0.25 seconds, and it offers remarkable spatial resolution for ultra high-resolution diagnostic CT images.​

Imaging with Quality ​

Born with AI, the uCT ATLAS features the innovative uAI Vision 3D camera that enables an AI-empowered workflow. The uAI Vision provides an efficient, standardized and personalized scanning experience for each patient.

Imaging with Ease

The uCT ATLAS features an ultra-wide 82 cm bore, a 700 lbs. table weight capacity along with robust clinical solutions to image a wide range of patient and exam types including advanced cardiac, acute care and trauma.

Imaging that Covers It All

Founded on Innovation

Still image of uCT ATLAS gantry rotating very fast​

Robust Imaging Chain ​

The uCT ATLAS is built on the foundation of the Z-Detector technology which reduces electronic noise down to a single photon level, improving the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and providing more detailed images. The system also features a one-piece casted gantry structure integrated with a direct drive motor system that provides precise rotation speed control, enabling a 0.25s rotation speed and exceptional temporal resolution.​

Video showing uAI Vision 3D Intelligent Camera and AI-empowered workflow​

AI-Empowered Workflow Simplified ​

The AI-empowered workflow includes intelligent positioning, scanning and processing. The uAI Vision 3D camera enables single-click precise patient positioning for both isocenter and horizontal range, enabling easy and reproducible positioning.​

CT clinical images showing an image without uAI AI-IR reconstruction and an image with uAI AI-IR image reconstruction.​

Masterful Image Reconstruction ​

uAI AI-IR significantly reduces image noise and artifacts, while at the same time greatly improves low contrast detectability and spatial resolution. Enhanced spatial resolution can also be achieved through the combination of the 0.5 mm collimation and 1024 x 1024 reconstruction matrix to help reveal the smallest of details for the most challenging examinations. ​
Images Courtesy Of Carrollton Regional Medical Center​
*Images from uCT ATLAS 16 cm System

Blue stylized illustration of a human heart​

Excellence in Cardiac Imaging ​

Designed to make coronary CTA imaging more robust than ever, the uCT ATLAS is engineered with 0.25s rotation speed, unprecedented 25 ms* effective temporal resolution enabled with uAI CardioCapture and an intelligent cardiac workflow. ​
*Enabled with CadioCapture & 0.25 s rotation speed.

Illustration of a dose curve using uAI Dose Modulation.​

Precision in Dose Control   

The uCT ATLAS comes standard with multiple dose control features such as a 60 kVp scan mode, KARL 3D Iterative Denoising and uAI Dose Modulation that provides personalized, low dose scanning for the entire patient.​

Innovation that Delivers

Features may vary depending on configuration

Exceptional Image Quality at A Low Dose​

With a robust imaging chain that includes Z-Detector technology, 0.25s rotation speed, 100 kW generator power as well as many reconstruction and dose control technologies, obtaining exceptional images with high quality at a low dose is effortless.​

Maximize Patient Throughput with Ease​

The uCT ATLAS features an integrated uAI Vision 3D camera that enables an AI-empowered workflow that facilitates single-click patient positioning with precise scan range locations based on the scan protocol, offering operational efficiencies that make the most complex exams the simplest to perform. ​

Redefining Clinical Flexibility ​

The uCT ATLAS is designed to image a wide variety of patient and exam types, such as pediatric, CT angiography (CTA), patients with metal implants, and cardiac examinations. The ultra-wide 82-cm bore and 700 lbs. table weight capacity facilitates the comfortable scanning of large patients and excels in the trauma environment. The uCT ATLAS enables users to perform exams with more confidence, while providing greater clinical flexibility. ​

Attainable Ultra-Premium CT Scanner​

As part of our All In Configurations™, the uCT ATLAS comes fully configured with all available software features and advanced applications. This gives you the flexibility to use these features immediately or in the future, allowing you to expand your clinical services without additional investments in software. ​

Outcome of Innovation

One-Beat Cardiac Scan* Severe Arrhythmia 50-215 bpm
One-Beat Cardiac Scan*
Severe Arrhythmia 50-215 bpm
One-Beat Cardiac Scan Combined with Fast Helical CTA Scan*
One-Beat Cardiac Scan Combined with Fast Helical CTA Scan*
Half-Second Full Brain<sup>*</sup>
Half-Second Full Brain*
VRT of Abdomen*
VRT of Abdomen*
2 mm MIP*
2 mm MIP*

*uCT ATLAS 16 cm, 640 Slice System

Images Courtesy Of Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated with Fudan University (First Three Images)

Images Courtesy Of Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated Xuhui Central Hospital (Last Two Images)