MI | Featured Product

uMI® 780 Precision. Efficient.

The uMI 780 is an ultra-fast, high-resolution digital PET/CT scanner built with uEXPLORER PET technology inside. The uMI 780 offers whole-organ coverage with adaptable bed positions, transforming traditional PET/CT imaging.

MR | Featured Product

uMR® 790 Performance. Unprecedented.

The uMR 790 with ultra-high gradient performance and our United Compressed Sensing (uCS) platform enables new levels of performance in spatial resolution and dynamic acquisition speed for cutting-edge neuroimaging and research.

CT | Featured Product

uCT® 780 Precision. Accelerated.

The uCT 780 is equipped with the Z-Detector, which allows for low-dose data acquisition, while the fast rotation speed of the system improves cardiac scan quality, and the control system boosts the speed for scanning and reconstruction.

X-RAY | Featured Product

uDR® 780i Exquisite. Versatility.

The uDR 780i uses United Imaging's
innovative, wireless, flat-panel detector design
and provides ultra-high resolution in general
radiography for daily clinical application.


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