Improving Cardiovascular Care

Hear staff and patients at Carrollton Regional Medical Center in the Dallas area talk about their experience with the uCT® ATLAS, and the importance of preventive cardiac exams.

Our conversation with staff and patients at Carrollton Regional Medical Center revealed their positive experience with our uCT ATLAS in two significant aspects: patient experience and the technology's impact on their practice.

Patient Experience

"Using the uCT ATLAS scanner has made my job a lot easier. It's very simple and easy to use, doesn't take long to learn. The speed is phenomenal. It helps with the patient care side, whereas the patient isn't having to be subjected to long breath holds or being inside the gantry for long periods of time. Biggest thing is the image quality." – Charles Anderson, CT Technologist, Carrollton Regional Medical Center

"The machine itself was accommodating more to a bigger guy like myself. It wasn't hard at all getting in and out of it. It wasn't as loud as the ones I've heard in the past." – Bill White, Firefighter, Patient

Customer Experience

"The uCT ATLAS has really been an incredibly useful tool in our commitment to dramatically change the diagnosis of heart disease. It has basically allowed us to replace the invasive heart catheterization with instead a cardiovascular procedure that, not only provides more data than an invasive angiogram, but at about 5% of the cost, more accurate, it's safer, it's faster. It really has dramatically changed the approach to diagnosis and heart disease. With early detection of the disease and appropriate medical management, I think it's really going to be able to allow us to kind of break through our glass ceiling, if you will, and really in the future be able to dramatically lower the rates of cardiovascular disease in the US." - Dr. John Osborne, Scientific Consultant, Carrollton Regional Medical Center