uDR 780i | Ceiling Mounted

Smart. Automatic.

uDR 780i utilizes UIH’s innovative wireless flat-panel detector design and provides ultra-high resolution in general radiography for daily clinical application.

uDR 780i


  • Boost Exam and Operator Efficiency

    Boost Exam and Operator Efficiency

    On simple click to automatically position the system in preparation of the next view in the radiography protocol

  • Easy to Use Auto or Manual

    Easy to Use Auto or Manual

    The advanced electro-mechanical motor driven system enables both auto and manual operation. Built-in movement assistance and safeguard functionalities ensure operator efficiency and patient safety.

  • Wireless HD Flat Panel Detectors

    Wireless HD Flat Panel Detectors

    The large 17 X 17 inch, 11.3MP Flat Panel detector to accommodate a wide range of patient coverage and positioning requirements. Build for durability to withstand the demands of any private office or hospital department.

  • In-bucky Detector Charging

    In-bucky Detector Charging

    In-bucky charging ensures consistent detector performance whenever you need it.

Efficient Workflows

  • Height Adjustable Floating Table

    Height Adjustable Floating Table

    Mechanically height adjustable table to accommodate all patients form pediatrics, the elderly and immobile trauma patients.

  • Advanced and Intuitive LCD Touch Screen

    Advanced and Intuitive LCD Touch Screen

    An elegant user interface displaying both exam protocol parameters and patient information to ensure patient exam quality.

Comprehensive Advanced Clinical Applications

  • Automatic Stitching Technology

    Automatic Stitching Technology

    Automatic Smart Stitching Technology offers high-quality panoramic imaging for improved clinical diagnosis in orthopedic imaging by automatically stitching multiple image projections into a single comprehensive image.

  • Automatic Measurement Technology

    Automatic Measurement Technology

    This unique feature is capable of assisting in the preoperative and postoperative evaluation of the corresponding orthopedic surgical procedures.

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