uMI® 780 | Ultra-Fast High-Resolution Digital PET/CT

Precision. Efficient.

The uMI 780 is an ultra-fast, high-resolution digital PET/CT scanner built with uEXPLORER PET technology inside. The uMI 780 offers whole-organ coverage with adaptable bed positions, transforming traditional PET/CT imaging.

uMI<sup>®</sup> 780


  • High-Resolution Digital PET

    High-Resolution Digital PET

    • uEXPLORER PET technology inside

    • 2.9 mm NEMA resolution

    • 2.76 mm lutetium-yttrium oxyorthosilicate (LYSO) crystals

  • 160-Slice Ultra-Fast CT

    160-Slice Ultra-Fast CT

    • Built on Z-Detector technology

    • 160-slice diagnostic CT

    • 0.5 mm individual elements

  • 30 cm Axial Field of View (FOV)

    30 cm Axial Field of View (FOV)

    • Acquires a skull base to mid-thigh scan in 3 bed positions*

    • 30 cm axial FOV enables complete coverage of organs without image stitching

    • High-speed scanning increases patient throughput

    • High system sensitivity boosts data acquisition and enables low dose PET scans

    *Compared to standard 16 cm axial FOV PET/CT.
  • Advanced Technologies

    Advanced Technologies

    • Advanced technologies are standard on all systems

    • Time-of-flight, point spread function, HYPER Iterative (ROSEM), HYPER Focus, deep learning (AI) PET reconstructions, deviceless gating, metal artifact correction and more are included

    • Expands clinical capacity, helping you provide more exams for more patients

    • All-in Configurations™ maximize the potential for your PET and CT diagnostic examinations

uAI<sup>®</sup> HYPER DPR


  • AI is only as good as the data you use to train it with

  • Only CNN-based iterative reconstruction engine trained with uEXPLORER PET total-body data

  • Utilizes a pre-trained neural network to predict low noise PET images and improve image contrast

Precision. Efficient.

Precision. Efficient.
Clarity for imaging - Full Field of View Resolution

Clarity for imaging - Full Field of View Resolution

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    2.9 mm ultra-high NEMA PET resolution improves quantitative accuracy and small lesion detection

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    16 cps/kBq high system sensitivity boosts data acquisition and enables low-dose PET scans

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    30 cm axial FOV for full organ coverage

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