uEXPLORER® | Ultra-High-Resolution Digital PET/CT with 194 cm Axial FOV

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The uEXPLORER is an ultra-high-resolution digital PET/CT with a 194 cm axial PET field of view (FOV) that enables the entire body to be scanned in one bed position. The system offers total-body dynamic scanning, enables ultra-low patient dose, and produces ultra-high image resolution, changing the way whole-body PET/CT imaging has traditionally been performed.



  • Ultra-High-Resolution Digital PET/CT

    Ultra-High-Resolution Digital PET/CT

    The core of the uEXPLORER PET system is the integrated light-guide digital detectors that consist of silicon photomultipliers (SiPMs) and fine 2.76 mm lutetium-yttrium oxyorthosilicate (LYSO) crystals, with over 564,480 crystal elements. This provides exceptional image quality, with 2.9 mm NEMA resolution to improve quantitative accuracy and small lesion detectability.

  • 160-Slice Ultra-Fast CT

    160-Slice Ultra-Fast CT

    The uEXPLORER employs a 160-slice CT that is equipped with the Z-Detector to allow for low dose data acquisition with ultra-low electronic noise. The fast rotation speed enables advanced applications such as cardiac imaging, while the 0.5 mm individual element size allows visualization of very fine structures with every scan. The uEXPLORER provides true clinical versatility without having to choose between fast scans or low dose.

  • 194 cm Axial Field of View (FOV)

    194 cm Axial Field of View (FOV)

    The 194 cm axial PET FOV enables the whole human body to be scanned in one bed position, and powerful computing hardware gives the ability to complete total body reconstruction within eight minutes. The uEXPLORER also touts an extremely high sensitivity of 176 cps/kBq, allowing for clinical flexibility with the potential to scan at sub-millicurie tracer dose or in as little time as 30 seconds at standard dose. Together, these core components enable maximum system efficiency, a more effective workflow, and an increase in patient throughput.

  • Advanced Technologies

    Advanced Technologies

    The uEXPLORER comes standard with advanced technologies such as time-of-flight, point spread function, and metal artifact correction. In keeping with our mission of “Healthcare for All,” the system expands your clinical capacity, helping you provide more exams for more patients. United Imaging partners with our customers on a new level, offering profitable business models and tailor-made solutions to help your business succeed.

Born to Explore

Born to Explore
Clarity for Imaging - Full Field of View Resolutions

Clarity for Imaging - Full Field of View Resolutions

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    2.9 mm ultra-high NEMA PET resolution improves quantitative accuracy and small lesion detection

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    176 cps/kBq high system sensitivity boosts data acquisition and enables sub-millicurie tracer dose

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    194 cm axial FOV enables the whole body to be scanned in one bed position

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