uCT® ATLAS | up to 640 Slices

Attainable Intelligence. Simply Masterful.

uCT<sup>®</sup> ATLAS

*** Features may vary depending on configuration

uCT® ATLAS Features

  • Imaging with Quality

    Imaging with Quality

    • 0.5 mm Detector Acquisition

    • 0.25 s Rotation

    • 60 kVp Capability

  •  Imaging with Ease

    Imaging with Ease

    • uAI® Empowered

    • uAI® Vision 3D Camera

    • uAI® EasyRange

  •  Imaging that Covers It All

    Imaging that Covers It All

    • 82 cm Ultra-wide Bore

    • 700 lbs. Table Weight Capacity

    • Whole-organ Coverage*

    *Based on configuration and exam type

Meet the uCT® ATLAS

Meet the uCT<sup>®</sup> ATLAS

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