uCT® 760 | 128 Slice

Performance. Profound.

The uCT 760 features a fully integrated Z-Detector. The ultra-low electronic noise of the Z-Detector, along with an uncompromising imaging chain, greatly improves the clinical user experience.

uCT<sup>®</sup> 760


  • Z-Detector


    The Z-Detector, designed with a fully integrated architecture and powered by through-silicon via (TSV) technology, shortens the signal transmission path from cm-level to µm-level. The outstanding denoising performance substantially improves the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and significantly enhances the capability to capture fine details within images.

  • Motion-Freeze Cardiac Imaging

    Motion-Freeze Cardiac Imaging

    The Multi-Phase Cardiac Imaging Technique catches every heartbeat in order to provide accurate cardiac imaging. The integrated Vital Signal Module provides accurate and real-time acquisition of the ECG signal, as well as automated detection of arrhythmia and abnormality.

Dedication to Fine Craftsmanship and Quality

Dedication to Fine Craftsmanship and Quality

United Imaging has a remarkable dedication to craftsmanship and quality. From every detail inside the scanner to the finished product, the uCT 760 exudes fine craftsmanship and quality, which is evident in the stunning clinical images produced by the system.

Low-Dose Scan Experience

Low-Dose Scan Experience

  • uDose Intelligent Tube Current Modulation

    The tube current is automatically adjusted to accommodate different anatomy and positions to avoid unnecessary radiation caused by overexposure.

  • KARL 3D Iterative Denoising Technique

    KARL 3D employs a generalized gradient descent iterative de-noising technique in both the projection and image spaces. It achieves excellent image quality at low dose levels.

Performance. Profound.

Performance. Profound.

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