United Imaging To Feature Leaders of Choice Program, Innovative Purchasing Models, and World's-First Equipment at AHRA in Phoenix
Leaders of Choice is the educational program United Imaging and AHRA Announced Jointly in May.

July 7, 2022 – United Imaging confirmed that its Houston-based U.S. leadership team will be on hand in Phoenix for the AHRA (Association for Medical Imaging Management) Annual Meeting starting this weekend.

The two organizations announced the Leaders of Choice program in the spring; the three year program will run for a full year, starting with a half day workshop at AHRA's 2022 Annual Meeting in Phoenix followed by 9 webinars, and culminating at AHRA 2023. Leaders of Choice will prepare senior imaging professionals to be the confident, next-level leaders needed to manage the increasingly complex healthcare environment. In addition to growing overall business skills, presentation skills, and financial acumen, participants will be challenged to be bold thinkers, capable of changing the status quo and choosing the path forward for their organizations. The program is facilitated by AHRA's long-time partner Traction Business Development.

United Imaging, which has historically broken from industry norms to take a case-by-case approach on whether to have a traditional booth at each industry meeting in which it participates, will have a large booth at AHRA with two pieces of equipment this year. The company, which manufactures equipment for the U.S. market in four different modalities, will show two of its pioneering systems. The uMR OMEGA™ is the world's first 75 cm, ultra-wide-bore MRI with a 60 cm field of view and high homogeneity. The uCT® ATLAS is a 640-slice system with an 82 cm bore featuring uAI®AI-IR, the world's first combination of deep learning and iterative reconstruction.

Beyond the leading technical specs, United Imaging is well known for pioneering disruptive approaches for purchasing and maintaining medical imaging equipment. That's something the company says it is uniquely positioned to do because it exerts higher-than-normal supply chain control in its manufacturing, which in turn has a positive impact on quality, speed, and costs that United Imaging redirects into helping customers get more from their equipment. A marquis example is Software Upgrades for Life™ where the company provides the latest software upgrades, including new features and packages, at no charge to its installed base, so their machines stay modern and continue to perform at the highest possible level over time. This breaks the traditional model where the industry typically charges heavy fees for the delivery of new functionality.

"I would simply ask customers in this market whether they have ever seen this offered," suggested Jeffrey M. Bundy, Ph.D., CEO of United Imaging Healthcare Solutions. "Ask anyone else in the market to explain how they provide a commitment for such value-filled continuing improvement and new capabilities over time. We should all be challenged to show how we offer ongoing improvements to imaging providers, because that's what patients ultimately deserve."


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Krista Stein