United Imaging Showcases Pioneering Advances and Reinforces U.S. Growth at RSNA 2023

United Imaging, a global leader in manufacturing advanced medical imaging and radiotherapy equipment, is set to showcase its comprehensive portfolio of innovative technologies at RSNA 2023. This includes another series of global firsts and pioneering medical AI solutions, demonstrating the company's significant strides in R&D and its commitment to transforming medical diagnostics and patient care on an international scale since its U.S. debut in 2018.

HOUSTON, TX – November 21, 2023 – "RSNA 2023's theme 'Leading through Change' resonates with our core values," says Dr. Qiang (Al) Zhang, Ph.D, Chairman & Co-CEO, "and reflects United Imaging's brand promise of 'Passion for Change.' Our technology is designed to prove our commitment to the U.S. and global markets. And our investment in innovation has yielded tangible results, evidenced by our customers' success stories in the U.S. and worldwide, reinforcing our vision and dedication to excellence in the global healthcare market."

Jeffrey M. Bundy, Ph.D, CEO of United Imaging in the U.S., reflected on the past five years of commercial operations. "At RSNA 2018 everyone was asking who we are. Just five short years later, we're having conversations about how we create Equal Healthcare for All™, how we have created value through programs like Software Upgrades for Life™, how we have built ourselves for the modern world to the degree that none of our customers were delayed in receiving deliveries or parts during COVID...it's been five years of huge growth, and we can't wait to share it at RSNA 2023 and continue to build upon it for decades to come."

Since the inception of its R&D efforts in the U.S. in 2013, and the subsequent launch of commercial operations in 2018, United Imaging has expanded notably, with installations today in 30 states and a workforce across 35 states. The company's top-tier technologies have led to collaborations with prestigious institutions such as Yale University, UC Davis, and University of Texas. Globally, United Imaging's products have reached more than 12,000 institutions in 60 countries, including the U.S., Italy, Japan, Korea, and the UAE.

Highlighting this growth at RSNA 2023, United Imaging will feature the uMR Jupiter 5T (510k pending; not available commercially in the U.S.), a revolutionary whole-body 5T MRI system. It transcends the traditional constraints of ultra-high-field MRI, previously confined to imaging of the brain and selected MSK joints. The potential applications of the uMR Jupiter 5T extend to encompass the abdomen, heart, pelvis, and additional anatomical regions. uMR Jupiter has the potential to eclipse the capabilities of standard 3T MRI machines in resolution and signal-to-noise ratio, delivering clarity that empowers radiologists to uncover clinical details previously hidden, truly allowing them to 'see the unseen.' The uMR Jupiter 5T is also designed to overcome the key hurdles of ultra-high field MRI: image uniformity and radio frequency safety. It fits into existing 3T MRI spaces, signaling a significant advancement in the industry. Furthermore, it is equipped with the uAIFI Technology Platform, enhancing it with the transformative power of accessible artificial intelligence.

In addition to showcasing the uMR Jupiter 5.0T, the booth will also feature the uAIFI Technology Platform, revolutionizing uMR scanners with AI technology. This platform brings a new level of AI integration to uMR systems, significantly improving image quality and making diagnostic processes faster and more user-friendly. Standout features include ACS, the FDA-approved AI-assisted MR acceleration technology designed to enhance both 2D and 3D imaging, and EasySense respiratory gating and monitoring, offering a unique, belt-free experience for patients while simultaneously streamlining the workflow for healthcare professionals.

In a unique twist, RSNA attendees are invited to an engaging and immersive interactive showcase that brings the future possibilities of uAIFI to life. Participants can step into the roles of an operator, patient, radiologist, or C-suite to directly experience how uAIFI could transform their specific workflow. This role-playing journey vividly demonstrates the platform's profound potential impact on enhancing image quality, reducing scan times, and improving the patient experience. As an invitation to step into the future of healthcare, where technology meets practical application in an extraordinary interactive exhibit, this immersive program adds a futuristic and engaging dimension to the booth, highlighting the company's commitment to leading-edge AI in medical imaging.

In Computed Tomography, United Imaging will feature the uCT ATLAS, an ultra-premium CT scanner that's making waves in cardiac diagnostics. The device's rapid rotation speeds, extensive z-axis coverage, and integrated AI have enabled groundbreaking shifts towards non-invasive, efficient, and cost-effective cardiac care. This has led to more accurate diagnoses at a fraction of the cost, paving the way for early detection and better management of cardiovascular diseases. Among other facilities, it has been installed at Carrollton Regional Medical Center and at CHRISTUS Health.

United Imaging will also unveil the uDR® 380i Pro, an innovative mobile x-ray system characterized by its sleek and lightweight design with robust 50 kW power capacity, providing unmatched clinical flexibility. The uDR 380i Pro revolutionizes clinical workflow to truly deliver power at the point of care with its uVision remote console. With its compact and lightweight design and flexible positioning (and featuring a long-range battery capacity that allows up to 800 X-ray exposures per charge), the uDR 380i Pro fits in the tightest of spaces such as the Emergency Room (ER) and Intensive Care Units (ICU). Attendees are invited to test drive this system on our obstacle course, an interactive showcase designed to highlight the system's agility and practicality in real-world scenarios.

United Imaging has also consistently been at the forefront of innovation in the molecular imaging field. The new uMI Panorama™ features a 2.9 mm NEMA resolution, 35 cm axial FOV, 143cps/kBq effective system sensitivity, and 194 ps timing resolution, leading to unprecedented system performance. Notably, a uMI Panorama was recently installed at the Huntsman Cancer Institute, a renowned Comprehensive Cancer Center, part of the University of Utah healthcare system in Salt Lake City. The uMI Panorama GS, the flagship product of the uMI Panorama family, streamlines whole-body imaging with 148 cm axial FOV, enhances patient experience and research capabilities, and was the first whole-body system to break the 200 ps barrier.*
*Data on File

Proudly adhering to the "Born with AI" philosophy, United Imaging ensures each product is inherently AI-capable with both hardware and software components from the beginning. At the company's RSNA booth this year, AI is a highlight, showing how the fusion of AI and imaging technology can streamline and elevate diagnostic procedures. Additionally, United Imaging Intelligence, an AI company within United Imaging Group's portfolio, will demonstrate how AI is revolutionizing healthcare, underscoring the company's holistic approach to innovation.

"With artificial intelligence capabilities deployed across more than 2,000 clinical sites globally, United Imaging Intelligence explores how AI empowers medical equipment, enhances clinical workflows, and drives groundbreaking biomedical research." says Terrence CHEN, Ph.D, CEO of United Imaging Intelligence America.

At RSNA, United Imaging Intelligence is showing its cutting-edge AI solutions across the realms of neurology, cardiology, and oncology, plus a comprehensive AI portfolio on thoracic imaging. Within each of these areas, AI provides support and improvement through the entire workflow, from imaging to prevention, diagnosis, treatment, follow-up, and research. In general, United Imaging Intelligence leaves a mark with its dual innovation paradigm, blending the realms of medical Metaverse and large model research, presenting a visionary landscape for the future of healthcare. 

RSNA attendees will see holographic projections of lower limb vascular structures seamlessly overlaying human subjects. This innovation is United Imaging Intelligence's uAI-MERITS (Metaverse Ecosystem for Robotic Intervention, Therapy, and Surgery) technology, which is designed and engineered to create the digital twin of the patient, medical staffs, and operating environment (OR) with cutting-edge AI and Vision technologies. The primary aim is to empower comprehensive healthcare management, spanning the spectrum of pre-operative preparation, intra-operative precision navigation, and post-operative follow-up. The technological roots of uAI-MERITS trace back to the uAI Vision technology initially showcased by United Imaging Intelligence at RSNA in 2019. The rapid evolution of cutting-edge technology affords uAI-MERITS expansive room for innovation and strong confidence in its future applications.

In the realm of clinical progress, breakthroughs are intrinsically linked to avant-garde scientific research. The pivotal role of accurate image data annotation in medical imaging AI research cannot be overstated. United Imaging Intelligence introduced an ingenious artificial intelligence tool known as uAI-SAT on the foundation of its research platform. This annotation tool harnesses the prowess of large medical image models, enabling interactive and intelligent image segmentation and reducing annotation times from hours to mere minutes or even seconds, and supports the construction of highly task-specific imaging AI models. 

Many of the AI applications shown at RSNA are not FDA submitted and not available in the United States.

United Imaging's exhibit will also present its global innovation partnerships in a dedicated space that highlights collaborative achievements with institutions like UC Davis and Yale University. These partnerships are critical to making advancements in scientific research and clinical applications.

In recognition of exceptional scientific contributions, United Imaging takes pride in celebrating Lingzhi (Lance) Hu, Ph.D, a Vice President at United Imaging Healthcare America, who will be honored as a 2023 Distinguished Investigator at RSNA. This award underscores the company's commitment to fostering and recognizing outstanding research within the industry.

RSNA attendees are invited to experience the future of medical imaging at Booth #4100, where United Imaging continues to bridge innovation and patient care through state-of-the-art technologies.



Krista Stein