United Imaging Goes "All-in" for Nashville
The company celebrates its in-person debut at HealthTrust University and AHRA, the Association for Medical Imaging Management, by pioneering different ways of tackling common issues in sourcing.

HOUSTON – July 26, 2021 – United Imaging, a global leader in advanced medical imaging and radiotherapy equipment, makes its debut at HealthTrust University and its in-person debut at AHRA in Nashville over the next two weeks. At both events, the company will focus on several unique aspects of how it solves pervasive pain points in procuring and owning medical imaging equipment.

The headline solution is what United Imaging refers to as "All-in." ALL-IN CONFIGURATIONS™, for example, means that scanners in all modalities are sold fully configured with all available software and functionality from the outset. That allows clinical flexibility and also investment transparency, because the healthcare provider does not have all of the hidden costs of future upgrades to add new services down the road.

United Imaging also offers a unique ALL-IN SERVICE APPROACH, which helps ensure operational cost predictability. United Imaging's complete full-service portfolio includes coverage that traditional offerings in the industry have historically excluded, and which for most vendors are still not included. For example, United Imaging includes unlimited CT tube coverage with all CT and PET/CT full-service agreements, with no usage exclusions — regardless of scan seconds, exams, rotations, scanned patients, etc. United Imaging also provides two (2) additional weeks of follow-up clinical applications training every year during the service agreement term.

"All-in has a cultural meaning for us as a company as well," commented Jeffrey Bundy, Ph.D, CEO of United Imaging Healthcare Solutions in the U.S. "We believe in our mission, we believe in our people and our company, and we believe in our product and in our customers. I hire specifically for that attitude — our U.S. team is made up largely of industry veterans, but ones who wanted to do things differently from other imaging equipment providers. They're people who go all-in to provide fresh, new solutions to solve longstanding industry challenges."

More innovation is evident in how the company keeps its customers state-of-the-art. United Imaging saw that to help healthcare providers in all parts of the U.S. get and maintain the latest innovations for their communities, they had to approach upgrades very differently from what was historically done. Their award-winning Software Upgrades for Life™ Program means that all new systems have the same software and core technology available in its highest-end scanners, and also that new upgrades are cascaded to 100% of the installed base at no charge. That allows more cost-of-ownership transparency, something that United Imaging's customers had been looking for and not finding enough of elsewhere.

United Imaging says they can provide something so bold because they're tightly vertically integrated, which results in higher degrees of flexibility and financial control that they can push through to customers in the form of programs and benefits. "Like successful disruptors in other industries, we are proving the benefits of being built for the modern world," commented Bundy.


At United Imaging, we develop and produce advanced medical products, digital healthcare solutions, and intelligent solutions that cover the entire process of imaging diagnosis and treatment. Founded in 2011, our company has subsidiaries and R&D centers across the world. Our North American headquarters in Houston includes our corporate offices, factory, product showroom, service training center, and service parts distribution center. With a cutting-edge digital portfolio and a mission of broader access to healthcare for all, we help drive industry progress and bold change.

To learn more, visit united-imaging.com or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter @UnitedImagingHC.

Krista Stein