United Imaging Expands on its Success With Both Digital And In-Person Meetings
The company, known for its fresh, bold, modern approach to the industry, continues to invest strategically in both industry events and its Houston factory and showroom.

HOUSTON – May 4, 2021 – United Imaging, a global leader in advanced medical imaging and radiotherapy equipment, says it has added capacity for the popular live-streamed tours of its global factory and showroom in Houston. These tours have been granted for customers, research collaborators, and potential customers interested in seeing the company's portfolio of scanners across four modalities without having to leave their desks. The live-streamed tours have also been given as part of United Imaging's virtual presence at tradeshows. The company said it invested in the digital experience now because of the changes it saw coming in the kinds of options customers would want to have.

"Part of being built for the modern world is being flexible and digital," commented Jeffrey M. Bundy, Ph.D., CEO of United Imaging Healthcare Solutions. "We've been interacting with customers successfully in a virtual environment since long before the pandemic, leveraging the same tools and best practices we use internally. We will always want to meet our customers face-to-face, whether that's in Houston or at our customer locations or at important industry events. But we also recognize that the ability to be collaborative, personal, and impactful in digital interactions is important."

United Imaging's digital customer experience allows customers and prospective customers to engage with specialists virtually at its U.S.-based headquarters, opened in 2020, and walk through all the technology as well as the story and history of the company via a live stream. VP of Market Strategy & Commercialization Michael Coulter, whose team leads the visits, said that "approaching things differently has always been a part of who we are as a company." Coulter's team also leads in-person tours of the factory and showroom, for which demand has been steadily growing. "Those are just as important and just as innovative," he said. "Our customers and prospective customers tell us that our virtual and face-to-face tours are unique, and deliver the value they need."

United Imaging will continue to invest in digital and in-person experiences. "Both will be part of our mix," emphasized Krista K Stein, VP of Marketing & Communications for the U.S.";We will continue to be creative in terms of how we work with RSNA and other indispensable partners to lead the industry. For example, United Imaging has decided against a physical booth at RSNA for this year in favor of a digital experience, whereas we will have a physical booth at certain other shows. Each investment decision is strategic, and we are more than willing to make unconventional choices if it's right for our employees and our customers."

The company is also celebrating ten years in business globally in 2021 and has entered its third full year of growth in the U.S. market after launching at RSNA in 2018.