United Imaging Grows Direct and Channel Partner Sales Force

United Imaging, a global leader in medical imaging technology with a U.S. headquarters, factory, and global showroom in Houston, is expanding its growing footprint by partnering with a number of channel partners including Radon Medical Imaging, Imaging Solutions, and Medimax. Their customers have access to United Imaging's bold, unique benefits like Software Upgrades for Life™, All-in Configurations™ and the United Performance Guarantee. All of the unique programs for which United Imaging is renowned provide more flexibility and total cost of ownership transparency to healthcare providers.

Radon is now an authorized agent for United Imaging in the mid-Atlantic region, and prides itself on "people, products, and service" delivered with national expertise and a local identity. It will offer United Imaging's advanced digital medical imaging technology in multiple modalities including Computed Tomography, Molecular Imaging, and Magnetic Resonance.

United Imaging's agreement with Imaging Solutions allows them to sell United Imaging's advanced medical imaging technology (Computed Tomography, X-ray, Molecular Imaging, and Magnetic Resonance), in areas of the mid- and northern United States. Imaging Solutions is based in North Dakota and prides itself on quality, flexibility, and a commitment to business partners.

Medimax is the third distribution partner United Imaging has announced this year as they continue to expand through their own sales force as well as with strategic partners that meet their exacting standards. Medimax is selling United Imaging's advanced medical equipment in Puerto Rico. They have already celebrated their first installation of a uCT 550 in the city of Guaynabo, Puerto Rico. This project was carried out smoothly; both the physicist who certified the equipment and the radiologist told Medimax they were very impressed with the low dose and the excellent images.

In parallel, United Imaging is currently hiring Junior Account Executives as it expands its direct sales force to meet demand and pursue its mission of Equal Healthcare for All. In line with its current growth trajectory several other positions are also open, including in service.