United Imaging Announces FDA Clearance for its Versatile Ultra - Premium Scanner, the uCT® ATLAS
The latest addition to the company's CT portfolio offers more ease of use and precise imaging throughout the entire clinical spectrum with its 16 cm z-axis coverage and 640-slice ultra-wide bore CT system.

HOUSTON – September 22, 2021 – United Imaging, a global leader in advanced medical imaging and radiotherapy equipment, announced FDA clearance for the uCT ATLAS, the latest in the company's Computed Tomography (CT) portfolio of scanners and the 25th FDA clearance for the company overall.

"I am incredibly excited to bring this equipment to market in the U.S.," said David Bradley, Vice President of Sales & Business Development. "To say that the uCT ATLAS is a workhorse is an understatement – it is a true powerhouse. In the end, image quality is what matters the most, and the images from the uCT ATLAS are absolutely exquisite. In addition, our AI-empowered workflow coupled with our uExceed software platform should please any Technologist who touches this system. This could easily be the busiest scanner in the entire department."

Bradley went on to note that the core innovations of the uCT ATLAS, such as Z-Detector architecture, low dose capabilities, and workflow innovations, are featured in all of United Imaging's CT scanners. This enables customers to image a wide variety of patient and exam types, such as pediatric, CT angiography (CTA), patients with metal implants, and cardiac examinations. All advanced applications and post-reconstruction analysis software, and complete investment protection with Software Upgrades for Life™, are also standard across United Imaging's CT portfolio.

The uCT ATLAS is specifically designed to maximize clinical flexibility. Among other features, the ultra-wide 82-cm bore and 700 lbs. table weight capacity facilitates the comfortable scanning of large patients and excels in the trauma environment. The uCT ATLAS features an integrated uAI Vision 3D camera that enables an AI empowered workflow, offering operational efficiencies that make the most complex exams the simplest to perform. The speed of a large area coverage system coupled with a 0.25 second gantry rotation makes it easy to image pediatric and trauma patients as well as patients with compromised breathing. The one-beat coronary CT solution allows users to confidently perform coronary CTA scans. In addition, low dose technologies such as 60 kVp scanning capability, uAI® AI-IR and KARL 3D reduce radiation dose while maintaining image quality. The uCT ATLAS will help healthcare providers champion new exams, perform existing exams with more confidence, and ultimately provide greater clinical flexibility.

Jeffrey M. Bundy, Ph.D., CEO of United Imaging Healthcare Solutions, commented that the company bringing innovations like the uCT ATLAS to market with such complete attention to detail and true advances on the technology front is just one part of the investment United Imaging has made. "To truly build ourselves for the modern world, we made the decision to be highly vertically integrated," he said. "Not only does this give us tremendous control over quality, it also allows us to control costs and convert that financial flexibility into very tangible benefits for customers." He cited as an example United Imaging's All-in Configurations™, which means that its systems in all modalities are sold fully loaded with all available software features included from the outset, giving customers the flexibility to immediately or in the future use advanced features without additional upgrade costs. Another example he gave is Software Upgrades for Life, which also offers cost predictability for customers by committing to upgrade their systems with the latest software throughout their life – including on the newly-cleared uCT ATLAS and throughout the Computed Tomography portfolio. "We believe that these kinds of business models are where the industry needs to be. We structured ourselves to be able to deliver on those needs. Healthcare providers want more cost transparency and predictability; modern imaging partners should be able to offer that."


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Krista Stein