United Imaging Collaborates with Shared Medical Services to Bring to Market First in the U.S. Mobile Digital PET/CT Unit
Relationship brings to life United Imaging's vision, commitment to increased access to medical imaging

HOUSTON – Nov. 20, 2019 – United Imaging, a global leader in advanced medical imaging and radiotherapy equipment, today announced a strategic collaboration with Shared Medical Services (SMS) to be the first in the U.S. to launch a mobile digital positron emission tomography (PET) / computed tomography (CT) unit. This mobile digital PET/CT collaboration will dramatically improve patient access to state-of-the-art imaging tests across the country.

SMS operates a certified mobile fleet of diagnostic imaging vehicles, one of which will be fully outfitted with United Imaging's state-of-the-art uMI 550 digital PET/CT imaging equipment.

"Our collaboration with SMS is perhaps the most symbiotic collaboration we could create. In pairing our imaging systems with their mobile services, we disrupt this industry in the best way possible: by increasing access to digital technology that was only available previously in fixed locations," said Jeffrey M. Bundy, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer at UIH Solutions. "I've said many times that we are reinventing this industry — and that's exactly what today's announcement underscores. Healthcare is digital —that's the standard now, not in the future. And it needs to be mobile so it's accessible to more people. This first-ever mobile digital PET/CT unit dramatically changes the game."

"We have 40 years of experience navigating the healthcare market," noted Lisa Arington, Co-Chief Executive Officer at SMS. "We rely on that experience when looking at future trends in the healthcare market so we can continue to deliver what our customers ultimately need and want, such as mobile digital PET/CT."

"We are continuously striving to bring the latest technology and the best service to market, each and every day," added Greg Glesinger, Co-Chief Executive Officer at SMS. "We are committed to that, and that will never change."

According to IMV market research (1), in 2018 more than two million clinical PET and PET/CT scans were performed in the U.S. With this collaboration, United Imaging and SMS will increase access to critical diagnostic cancer detection and staging tools, as well as improved visibility of smaller lesions with digital technology, and greatly increase the standard of care not just in smaller and rural markets but in all markets.

A PET scan is an imaging test that illustrates how tissues and organs are functioning. This scan can sometimes detect disease before it appears on other imaging tests. That's why quicker, easier access to these tests is even more critical and valuable. However, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, rural areas cover 97 percent of the nation's land area and contain nearly 20 percent of the population (about 60 million people). People in these areas live an average of 10.5 miles from the nearest hospital, compared to 4.4 miles and 5.6 miles for urban and suburban Americans. (2)

"In the past, digital PET/CT imaging technology was too cost-prohibitive for a mobile option to be realistic. In fact, only research institutions could justify the expense. Today's announcement changes this dynamic and starts to level the playing field on access, making this valuable - now mobile - digital PET/CT technology available to providers and patients in urban, suburban, and rural regions alike," said Bundy.

The United Imaging / Shared Medical Services mobile digital PET/CT unit will be on display in the SMS Booth (South Hall Level 3, Booth #1357) at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) in Chicago, Dec. 1-6.


At United Imaging, we develop and produce advanced medical products and IT solutions that cover the entire process of imaging diagnosis and treatment. Founded in 2011 with global headquarters in Shanghai, our company has subsidiaries and R&D centers across China, the United States, and other parts of the world. Our U.S. R&D facility opened in 2013 in Houston and was further established as the U.S headquarters in 2018 with our service team and commercial organization in place. With a cuttingedge digital portfolio and a mission of broader access to healthcare for all, we help drive industry progress and bold change.

To learn more, visit united-imaging.com or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter @UnitedImagingHC.

Look for us at RSNA in Booth #2548, South Hall.


Since 1980, Shared Medical Services has been a well-respected proven provider of specialized medical imaging solutions. As an employee-owned company based in Cottage Grove, Wisconsin, SMS has over 350 team members who deliver the "SMS Difference" to customers across the U.S. Today, SMS operates one of the largest certified mobile diagnostic imaging fleets in the country with emphasis on MRI, PET/CT, CT, and Mammography. To learn more, visit sharedmed.com.

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2 Pew Research Center survey, "What Unites and Divides Urban, Suburban and Rural Communities," May 2018 (https://www.pewsocialtrends.org/2018/05/22/what-unites-and-divides-urban-suburban-and-ruralcommunities/).