Russellville Hospital and United Imaging Announce First Installation in the U.S. of the 4 cm uCT® ATLAS Computed Tomography Scanner
Russellville Hospital Moved Quickly To Bring High-End Technology to Patients

HOUSTON, TX – June 5, 2023 United Imaging, a global leader in manufacturing advanced medical imaging and radiotherapy equipment, confirmed that Russellville Hospital is the first customer to complete installation and commence scanning on the recently FDA cleared 4cm detector version of the uCT ATLAS.

Russellville Hospital is a 49-bed acute care facility serving northwest Alabama. The hospital is fully accredited by The Joint Commission. Among its many services, the hospital provides a 24-hour Emergency Room, Intensive Care Unit/ Cardiac Care Unit, Respiratory Therapy, Inpatient and Outpatient Diagnostic and Treatment Services, Wound Care Center, Infusion Therapy Center, Rehabilitation Services, Cardiac Catheterization, Ambulatory Surgery, Laboratory and Home Health.

Buffie Ozbirn, RT (R)(CT)(M) Lead CT Technologist for Russellville Hospital, said: "We are beyond excited to have the opportunity to offer this state-of-the-art CT technology to our patients."

"As we looked for the right CT scanner to purchase," elaborated Jonathan Proctor RT (R)(CT) Director of Imaging, "we wanted to find what we felt was the best CT technology that was currently available. We also wanted to partner with a company that would provide us technology not only for today, but for the future as well. We wanted a CT scanner that was accommodating for all patient body types, one that could provide the best quality image, as well as provide the lowest dose possible. United Imaging brought all of this to the table for us with the new uCT ATLAS scanner. The uCT ATLAS allows us to take excellent care of our patients, provide excellent images for our physicians, and it is one that is user friendly for our entire Imaging staff."

Guillaume Grousset, Vice President of Computed Tomography for United Imaging in the U.S., complimented Russellville Hospital for its commitment to expanding care in its community. "We feel very aligned with the amazing staff at Russellville and can't wait to support them as they grow care for their patients in Alabama. Our equipment is in great hands."

Jeffrey M. Bundy, Ph.D., CEO of United Imaging Healthcare Solutions, added that Russellville Hospital is a perfect example of United Imaging's mission in action. "The medical imaging industry sometimes misses the mark in talking about "access," he said. "What we focus on is EQUAL access. It's not just about providing technology to all parts of the country – it's about providing equivalent high quality technology to patients whether they live in Alabama or in California or anywhere else, so they can all access quality exams. That's what access should mean – that's what our mission of Equal Healthcare for All means. We are so proud that this scanner filled with AI capabilities is delivered first to this particular setting, while the next few scanners are already on their way to additional customers."

The uCT ATLAS features z-axis coverage up to 16 cm, with an ultra-wide 82 cm bore and a 700 lbs. table weight capacity. It features an integrated uAI Vision 3D camera that enables an AI empowered workflow, offering operational efficiencies that make the most complex exams the simplest to perform. The speed of large area coverage coupled with a 0.25 second gantry rotation makes imaging pediatric and trauma patients easier; robust coronary CT solution allows coronary CTA scans with confidence. Low dose technologies such as 60 kVp scanning capability reduce radiation dose while maintaining image quality. uCT ATLAS comes with all available configurations (All-in Configurations), Software Upgrades for Life to keep it modern throughout the entire life of the scanner at no cost with a service agreement, and the United Performance Guarantee.

The two companies celebrate today with a ribbon cutting in Russellville.


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Krista Stein