United Imaging Healthcare delivers its first annual report since going public, with revenue growth of nearly 30% in 2022

United Imaging Healthcare achieved a YoY revenue growth of 27.36%, a figure published in the company's 2022 annual report. According to the report, United Imaging Healthcare brought in 9.238 billion CNY in revenue in FY2022; net income attributable to shareholders of the parent company was 1.656 billion CNY, a YoY increase of 16.86%.

The leading global medical imaging and radiotherapy equipment company also released its first quarter report for 2023. The report showed that United Imaging Healthcare reached revenue of 2.213 billion CNY, an increase of 33.42% compared to the same quarter last year.

With highly competitive technologies and groundbreaking products, United Imaging Healthcare has steadily increased its brand influence and market share worldwide, and its customer base now covers 59 countries and regions. In 2022, the company's international revenue of main business achieved YoY growth of over 110.83%, reaching 1.078 billion CNY. The international revenue proportion also increased to 11.94% from 7.15%, showing an overall upward trend year-over-year.

Since its establishment, United Imaging Healthcare has always seen research and development (R&D) innovation as the driving force pushing the company forward. According to the report, in 2022, United Imaging Healthcare invested 1.466 billion CNY in R&D, an increase of 39.89%. The percentage of R&D personnel increased from 39.19% in the previous year to 42.29%.

In the past few years, the company has made sustained breakthroughs in high-end hospitals in key international countries. United Imaging Healthcare has stationed state-of-the-art products in many world-class clinical and research institutions, including UC Davis Health, Washington University in St. Louis, Stony Brook University, King Hussein Cancer Center and Fujita Health University Hospital.

United Imaging Healthcare also strives to build a low-carbon and environmentally friendly production and operation model to contribute to global carbon neutral actions. According to the company's ESG report, in 2022, Shanghai Factory of United Imaging upgraded the process cooling water system and the geothermal heat pump unit, saving 910,462 kWh and 420,000 kWh of electricity every year respectively.

To embrace sustainability and diversity, United Imaging Healthcare is committed to promoting corporate development while contributing to the enhancement of social well-being. By creating an inclusive working environment, it encourages individuals to tap their potentials to the fullest.