AMRIC, A New Premium Imaging Clinic on Manhattan's Upper East Side Featuring Cutting-Edge Scanners from United Imaging, Opens its Doors

Focusing on every detail, the clinic combines advanced multi-modality technology with highly tailored patient care to bring a new standard of preventive and diagnostic screenings to the center of New York City.

HOUSTON, TX – September 28, 2023 – United Imaging, a leading global manufacturer of advanced medical imaging and radiotherapy equipment, features scanners in Computed Tomography, Magnetic Resonance, and Molecular Imaging in an advanced new medical imaging clinic in Manhattan's Upper East Side at 110 East 60th Street.

These highly advanced scanners are among United Imaging's flagship products and were the twelve-year-old company's 20,000th, 20,001st, and 20,002nd units shipped worldwide; they were delivered from its factory and North American headquarters in Houston and were the first of their kind installed in Manhattan. 

The new clinic, AMRIC, is unique in that it takes a multi-modality approach to preventive and diagnostic medical imaging exams. "It was important to us to combine modalities," emphasized Dr. Omer Aras, Medical Director, "rather than rely solely on MRI or solely on PET/CT, for example. AMRIC's objective is to take a very sophisticated and tailored approach to each patient, using all of the most modern technology available."

AMRIC also invested heavily in the experience it offers its patients, having identified opportunities to truly offer a different kind of end-to-end service for its patients. "Our team truly stepped through every detail of how a patient might experience their time with us," continued Dr. Aras, "from the moment of first contact to stepping out of the elevator and walking in our doors. Everything we have done is carefully curated to address a patient's needs: physical, emotional, privacy, whether they are time constrained or need more of our time, whether they are claustrophobic or not…all of these things matter and need to be addressed in the details of the entire experience so that our care is as effective as possible."

The machines from United Imaging are part of that experience as well. Jeffrey M. Bundy, CEO of United Imaging Healthcare Solutions, said that while image quality is the outcome required, the scanners are also designed to prioritize comfort, aesthetics, and experience. "We place a tremendous emphasis across our modalities on things like reducing radiation dose, decreasing exam time, creating special touches like starlight environments inside the bore to make a more calming environment – even ensuring that the aesthetics of our machines are top-notch to give patients confidence." He added that because United Imaging is highly vertically integrated, they can control quality and innovation to a superior degree. The starry lighting environment found for example in the company's uMR OMEGA took over a year of United Imaging's R&D center testing more than 100 lighting effects to achieve.

"Where we are very aligned with AMRIC," continued Bundy, "is on our absolute laser focus on what makes a difference to patients, down to the smallest details. This is one aspect of what we call our Passion for Change: constantly pushing ourselves to create new standards and surpass them. That's what the team at AMRIC is doing as well, and we're proud they have chosen our technology to make that happen in Manhattan for their local and international clientele."

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Krista Stein