United Imaging is a global, award-winning company that has a passion for bringing bold change to our industry. We have a large footprint in the U.S., and our Houston-based headquarters includes R&D, manufacturing, training, and customer service. Our cutting-edge portfolio includes advanced medical imaging and radiotherapy equipment, covering the entire process of imaging diagnosis and treatment, as well as intelligent solutions for healthcare IT. With a mission of broader access to healthcare for all, we help drive industry progress.

We’re on a mission: equal access to the best healthcare available, regardless of who you are or where you live. We’ve experienced explosive U.S. growth in the past year, and our rate of innovation demands that we find the best talent on the market. If you’re customer-focused, collaborative, a problem solver, and ready to lean in to something big with a passionate, experienced team, apply for one of the roles below. We’re excited to hear from you.

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To Bring Equal Healthcare for All

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