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What does it mean to be built for the modern world? Click “Our Story” for a look at the company through the eyes of our U.S. CEO. Click on “Our MI Portfolio” to hear from our U.S. VP of Molecular Imaging what sets our technology apart. Then, let’s schedule time to chat!

Mobile Digital PET/CT.Where You Need It.

Now available as a mobile unit. The uMI 550 is built with uEXPLORER PET technology inside, enabling clinical flexibility and obsolescence protection.

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Born to Explore.

The uEXPLORER is an ultra-high-resolution digital PET/CT with a 194 cm axial PET field of view that enables the whole body to be scanned in one bed position.

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Precision. Efficient.

The uMI 780 is an ultra-fast, high-resolution digital PET/CT scanner built with uEXPLORER PET technology inside.

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Digital. Accessible.

The uMI 550 makes digital PET/CT accessible to all. Built with uEXPLORER PET technology inside, the uMI 550 enables clinical flexibility with digital technology that prevents obsolescence.

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Our Story
uMI 550 Mobile
uMI 780
uMI 550

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United Imaging is a modern global company built to solve industry needs the way customers want them solved. With a fresh approach to business, a tightly structured supply chain, and our unique all-in strategy, we go beyond your expectations. If you haven’t met us before, let’s chat now—you’ll soon learn how easy it is to work with us.

Our Story

We design for the future. You EXPLORE it.

Our “uEXPLORER Inside” platform is intended to stand the test of time from both a technological and a clinical perspective. This digital platform is designed for total-body scanning, scalable for clinical systems, and excellent in an MR environment, with a focus on coverage, clarity, and sensitivity. Our mission of “Equal Healthcare for All” means that our systems expand your clinical capacity, helping you provide more exams for more patients.

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