United Imaging is back at AHRA, even bigger.

United Imaging is back at AHRA, even bigger.

You may know that we are a global manufacturer of medical imaging equipment. You may know that we have a factory, showroom, and training center in Houston (our U.S. headquarters). You may even know that we’re the pioneer of investment-protecting programs like Software Upgrades for Life™ and All-in Configurations™ that make purchasing and owning medical imaging equipment easier.

We’re bringing two flagship scanners to Phoenix because they’re emblematic of who we are as a company. The uMR OMEGA™ with a 75 cm, ultra-wide bore enables fast imaging and greater access for patients. The 16 cm, 640-slice uCT® ATLAS with an 82 cm ultra-wide bore is empowered with artificial intelligence for imaging with quality, ease, and maximum coverage. Both systems enable clinical expansion and better patient experiences, right in line with our mission of Equal Healthcare for All™. Visit us at Booth #308 and ask us how we innovate, down to the details of “cable culture” and how our approach of vertical integration benefits healthcare providers.

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