At United Imaging, we develop and produce a full portfolio of advanced medical imaging and radiotherapy equipment and offer intelligent solutions for healthcare IT.

In an industry that’s so mature, we think our customers still deserve more: a fresh approach and higher standards. That’s why we fully embrace industry progress and bold change. If change isn’t happening, we create it.

The world doesn’t stand still, so why should we? This attitude is fully woven into the ethos of our company. It’s a modern way of doing business that welcomes change and puts customers and patients first. We think it’s about time.

We’re built for the modern world.

We move healthcare forward.
Our technology can help save lives, and it’s sophisticated and easy to use.

We know our clients as people.
Their success is our success.

We never rest.
Getting stuff done is simply who we are. We always have a can-do attitude.

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Our Service Advantage

Our status quo is doing more for customers. It starts with the fact that our systems are sold with every feature required for day-to-day workloads. That means our customers can serve the imaging needs of patients without having to come back to us to pay for new features when they need them. But it also means we always look for ways to say yes. We put our everything into each customer relationship — and we’ve built the infrastructure to do it. We call it Customer Success.

Fast. Flexible. Modern.

  • United Imaging Performance Guarantee
  • Cost predictability (no surprise expenses)
  • Fully staffed technical support with industry veterans
  • Immediate clinical support online & direct support from U.S.-based personnel
  • Cloud-based telephony and case management
  • Customized, intelligent, and automated escalation system for timely resolution
  • Remote support for high system uptime
  • Houston-based training for all modalities for United Imaging and customer biomedical personnel
  • Central service parts distribution in Houston and a dedicated logistics team
Countries where we have operations
Employees worldwide
R&D-focused employees
Customers worldwide
Installed units
Around-the-clock customer support

It’s awesome to see a partner such as United Imaging that’s dedicated to bringing healthcare to all. We value our strong relationship with them, as well as their commitment to high-quality products and great service to their customers. Those are qualities which were instrumental in our decision to go with United Imaging.

Kim Tran
CEO, Memorial MRI & Diagnostic

To Bring Equal Healthcare for All

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