uMR 790 | High-Performance 3.0T

Performance. Unprecedented.

uMR 790 with Ultra-High Gradient Performance and unique uCS compressed sensing platform is enabling new levels of performance in spatial resolution and dynamic acquisition speed for cutting-edge neuroimaging and research.

uMR 790


  • Ultra-High Gradient Performance

    Ultra-High Gradient Performance

    With the highest amplitude available, the exceptional 90mT/m & 200 T/m/s (simultaneous on each axis) will unlock higher SNR for neuroimaging, enabling new applications for neuroscience exploration. Excellent homogeneity and large FOV provide a solid foundation for any research application.

  • High-density RF Channels

    High-density RF Channels

    The high channel-count RF receiver architecture enables the full use of high-density surface coil arrays, thus significantly increasing image Signal-to-Noise Ratio. The dedicated neuroimaging coil complements the gradient performance for cutting-edge fMRI and DTI.

uCS Platform

uCS Platform

The uCS platform enables efficient application of compressed sensing with a routine clinical workflow. The next-generation uCS imaging technology will push clinical boundaries of isotropic resolution and dynamic imaging speed.

  • uCS Imaging Technology

    uCS combines the strengths of conventional acceleration technologies and innovative compressed sensing, breaking through the limits of both speed and resolution with a maximum acceleration factor of 16 and and high, sub-millimeter isotropic spatial resolution.

  • uCS Processing Engine

    uCS Processing Engine is a high-performance computing technology including memory, data network and premier CPU. The outstanding computational power is further complemented by an intelligent reconstruction algorithm for ultrafast reconstruction.

Performance. Unprecedented.

Performance. Unprecedented.

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