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We're partnering with Myocardial Solutions, Inc. to provide a solution for early cardiac dysfunction detection. We combine the powerful and robust uMR 570 1.5T system with patented Fast-SENC sequences and MyoStrain® analysis software that measures dysfunction across 48 segments of the heart and provides a standardized report that includes a personalized MyoHealth Score.

uMR<sup>®</sup> 570 with MyoStrain<sup>®</sup>

uMR + MyoStrain® Cardiac Solution

uMR + MyoStrain<sup>®</sup> Cardiac Solution
MyoStrain<sup>®</sup> Cardiac Solution

MyoStrain® Cardiac Solution

MyoStrain uses segmental strain to measure 48 segments of the heart and provides physicians with a unique diagnostic tool to help identify regional dysfunction before the heart as a whole is affected.

From the MyoStrain report, physicians are given a MyoHealth™ Score, a single metric that helps indicate the percentage of normally functioning heart segments.

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The uMR Difference

The uMR Difference

Partners in Heart Failure Prevention

  • Fast Cardiac MRI System

    Fast Cardiac MRI System

    • 70-cm wide-bore 1.5T MR

    • Jointly-developed, fully-integrated Fast-SENC MRI sequence

    • Easy-to-use system

  • Complete Turnkey Solution

    Complete Turnkey Solution

    • Dedicated project management for MRI system installation

    • MyoStrain implementation package for start-up training

  • Customer Focused

    Customer Focused

    • Software Upgrades for Life

    • United Performance Guarantee

    • All-in continuous uMR 570 applications training

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