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uMR 780 | 65cm Wide-Bore uCS 3T

Fast. Exquisite.

The uMR 780 ushers in a new era of rapid imaging with uCS compressed sensing, breaking through limits of both speed and resolution with a maximum acceleration factor of 16 and sub-millimeter isotropic resolution down to 0.5mm or less.

uMR 780


  • uCS Platform

    uCS Platform

    The uCS platform enables efficient application of compressed sensing for clinical routine. The next-generation uCS imaging technology combines compressed sensing with the advantages of acceleration technologies from previous generations.

  • Unique Coil Solutions

    Unique Coil Solutions

    At UIH, we have dedicated, in-house coil development, covering applications for the whole body with patient-oriented design. Each coil element utilizes an independent low-noise amplifier for maximum noise reduction while retaining maximum signal.

  • uCS High Spatial Resolution

    uCS High Spatial Resolution

    Static scan with uCS can achieve an acceleration factor of 6 or above in the spatial domain, which allows faster acquisition of high-resolution 3D imaging as well as high detectability for small lesions.

  • uCS High Temporal Resolution

    uCS High Temporal Resolution

    Dynamic MR imaging with uCS can accelerate the acquisition in both spatial and temporal domain with a maximum acceleration factor up to 16. This can be used to optimize the scanning workflow and to make a leap in clinical application and scientific research.

Fast. Exquisite.

Fast. Exquisite.
A Powerful System

A Powerful System

  • High-performance Gradients

    The gradient performance is designed with excellent performance to improve sequence acquisition, increase data acquisition speed, and achieve faster imaging.

  • High-density RF Channels

    The high channel-count RF receiver architecture enables the full use of high-density surface coil arrays, thus significantly increasing Signal-to-Noise. Multiple high-density coils can be used in different combinations to reduce scan time and improve workflow efficiency.

  • Industry-leading Uniform Magnet

    The powerful 3.0T magnet adopts an 170cm short magnet design to ensure the leading homogeneity of the magnetic field, bringing fast imaging and large-coverage fat saturation.

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