uMI 780 | Ultra-Fast High-Resolution Digital PET/CT

Precision. Efficient.

The uMI 780 is an ultra-fast high-resolution digital PET/CT scanner that is built with the uEXPLORER PET technology inside. The uMI 780 offers whole organ coverage with adaptable bed positions, changing the way traditional PET/CT imaging is done.

uMI 780


  • High-Resolution Digital PET

    High-Resolution Digital PET

    The integrated light guide digital detectors inside the uMI 780 consist of silicon photomultipliers (SiPMs) and fine 2.76 mm lutetium-yttrium oxyorthosilicate (LYSO) crystals. This provides exceptional image quality with 2.9 mm NEMA resolution that improves quantitative accuracy and small lesion detectability.

  • 160-Slice Ultra-Fast CT

    160-Slice Ultra-Fast CT

    The Z-Detector reduces electronic noise down to a single photon level and the fully integrated design shortens the signal transmission length from centimeter to micron scale, resulting in tremendous electronic noise reduction and efficient X-ray utilization. Utilizing 74,880 elements and a 0.5 mm individual element size allows for highly detailed images, while the fast rotation speed of the system improves cardiac scan quality and allows low-dose data acquisition.

  • 30 cm Axial Field of View (FOV)

    30 cm Axial Field of View (FOV)

    The 30 cm axial PET FOV enables complete coverage of organs without image stitching, such as full cerebrospinal coverage or full lung coverage. uMI 780 is able to complete a skull base to mid-thigh scan in only three bed positions* for a fast and comfortable patient experience.

    *Compared to standard 16 cm axial FOV PET/CT.

  • Advanced Technologies

    Advanced Technologies

    The uMI 780 comes standard with advanced technologies such as time-of-flight, point spread function, deviceless gating, motion head correction and metal artifact correction, expanding clinical prospects for every practice and adhering to the company’s belief in “Healthcare for All.” United Imaging partners with our customers on a new level, offering profitable business models and tailor-made solutions to help your business succeed.

Precision. Efficient.

Precision. Efficient.
Clarity for imaging - Full Field of View Resolution

Clarity for imaging - Full Field of View Resolution

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    2.9 mm ultra-high NEMA PET resolution improves quantitative accuracy and small lesion detection

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    16 cps/kBq high system sensitivity boosts data acquisition and enables low-dose PET scans

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    30 cm axial FOV for full organ coverage

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