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uCT 780 | 160 Slice

Precision. Accelerated.

The uCT 780 is equipped with the Z-Detector which allows for a low dose data acquisition, while the fast rotation speed of the system improves cardiac scan quality and the control system boosts the speed for scanning and reconstruction.

uCT 780


  • Z-Detector


    The Z-Detector reduces electronic noise down to a single photon level, improving the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and providing more detailed images. The fully integrated design shortens the signal transmission length from centimeter to micron scale, resulting in tremendous electronic noise reduction and efficient X-ray utilization.

  • Image Reconstuction

    Image Reconstuction

    The uCT 780 provides dedicated solutions for more image detail and faster acquisitions. With a 0.5 mm collimation, finer structures are better visualized with every scan. A rapid 1024x1024 reconstruction matrix enhances the spatial resolution and helps reveal the smallest of details for the most challenging examinations.

Coordinated Control System Architecture

Coordinated Control System Architecture

  • Rapid Transfer of Massive Data

    360 million voxel data acquisition and reconstruction speed up to 60 IPS

  • System Hardware Synchronization

    Precise radiation dose control and 0.3s high speed gantry rotation.

  • Easy-Logic Intelligent Prediction Platform

    Intelligently and rapidly predicts the user’s next action and efficiently prepares the tube, generator, gantry and data-path in advance of the user’s action.

Precision. Accelerated.

Precision. Accelerated.

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