Spare Parts Distribution Center Head

Houston, TX

UIH Solutions L.L.C. is the Houston-based Sales and Services organization for Shanghai United Imaging Healthcare Co., Ltd. products in North America. We are building an organization of highly motivated, team-oriented individuals to introduce a portfolio of innovative imaging products to the US market. United Imaging Healthcare develops and produces a full portfolio of advanced medical products covering the entire process of imaging diagnosis and treatment, in addition to offering robust medical IT solutions. The dynamic portfolio of innovative products has shown strong growth in China and the broader Asian market, and we are poised to gain significant market share in North America. We are committed to thinking creatively and acting with the primary goal of delighting healthcare clients in North America while helping improve patient loyalty, quality of care, and operational efficiency.

Main Responsibilities

  1. Set up UIH Spare Parts Distribution Center in the U.S. and be responsible for the smooth operation of the Distribution Center;
  2. Strategically plan and manage spare parts logistics, warehouse, transportation and inventory to deliver confidence to customers;
  3. Define and structure an effective spare parts warehouse; efficient management to ensure smooth daily activities and accuracy in order / receipts / storage / picks / packing / delivery / distribution / return;
  4. Arrange optimal transportation modes, routes or frequency for spare parts delivery in assigned regions to achieve the best price/performance ratio;
  5. Obtain fast customs clearance in compliance with import/export regulations based on customs requirements in assigned regions;
  6. Coordinate with UIH HQ to establish SOP processes for spare parts and update quality control on requirement

Qualification Requirements

  1. Bachelor degree or equivalent experience preferred;
  2. Minimum 5 years of experience in logistics, international trading or related field;
  3. Rich experience in dealing with customs agency on import/export issues;
  4. Strong communication skill, good customer-oriented mindset, excellent team work spirit, excels in conflict reconciliation and solution finding;
  5. Proficient in using Microsoft Office Applications and typical ERP software;
  6. Team management experience

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