Quality Assurance

Houston, TX

Main Responsibilities

  1. Lead to establish, maintain and monitor quality management system and ensure its effective operation;
  2. Make project quality plan and implement it in the process to ensure project delivery quality;
  3. Instruct project design transfer and production import to ensure smooth connection between R&D and production;
  4. Monitor and instruct product change process to ensure that process is controllable and product quality is reliable;
  5. Summarize process improvement measures from above activities and drive continuous process improvement;
  6. Organize internal and external audit, find improvement points in quality system;
  7. Perform associated and other duties as required.

Qualification Requirements

  1. Familiar with ISO13485 (preferred), ISO9001 or TS16949 quality system;
  2. Familiar with medical device regulations (preferred);
  3. 3 year QA experience in medical device, automobile or other mechanical and electrical industries or experience in other field of quality management;
  4. Knowledge of medical imaging equipment or large electromechanical integration products;
  5. Experience in product development (preferred), project management (preferred), or customer quality problem analysis and handling;
  6. Familiar with Oracle PLM or other EDM system (preferred);
  7. Good working attitude and work proactively;
  8. Good communication skills and ability to work under pressure;
  9. Good reading and writing skills.

Apply below or email your resume to Career_US@united-imaging.com including the job title and location.

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