Principal Expert Scientist, Vision and Robotics

Cambridge, MA

Main Responsibilities

  1. AI experts in Computer Vision and Robotics;
  2. Motivate and lead a junior scientists for cutting edge research and development;
  3. Work closely with senior level management to develop company assets in AI Healthcare;
  4. Conduct cutting-edge research in the field of Vision and Robotics and transfer research results into practical product solutions;
  5. Establish strong relationship with potential customers and clinical partners;
  6. Define technical roadmap and provide technical advices to the CEO of the company.

Qualification Requirements

  1. PhD Degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or related field;
  2. 5 -10 years of senior-level experience in research and development in AI-based solutions, platforms, esp. in Computer Vision and Robotics;
  3. Strong experience and knowledge in Deep Learning and AI-related technologies;
  4. Proven experience in leading scientists conducting cutting edge research;
  5. Proven track record of publications in top-tier conferences and journals in AI, Vision, and Robotics;

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