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CT Research Scientist

Cleveland, OH

Main Responsibilities

  1. Develop advanced CT imaging algorithms for future products;
  2. Work on current algorithms to improve image quality of the current products;
  3. Participate in communication and liaison with our headquarter engineers in Shanghai.

Qualification Requirements

  1. PhD in Medical Physics, Computer Science, Biomedical Engineering, Electronic Engineering or a related field;
  2. Expertise in image reconstruction for transmission tomography;
  3. Solid background in X-ray physics and imaging science;
  4. Excellent interpersonal skills;
  5. Proficiency in C/C++, or other prototyping programming languages;
  6. Proficiency in English.

Preferred Skills & Experience

  1. Strong skills in iterative image reconstruction;
  2. Experience in motion compensation;
  3. Experience in multi-energy CT imaging;
  4. Experience in machine learning;
  5. Experience in image registration;
  6. Experience in x-ray physics simulation;
  7. Proficiency in high performance computing;
  8. Knowledge in medical device regularization;
  9. Strong publication record (including patents).

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