Senior Leadership

Abram Voorhees is Vice President of Magnetic Resonance, leading the MR and PET/MR and CT business. He brings a passion for innovative technologies and disruptive business models that expand patient access to quality healthcare.

Prior to joining United Imaging in 2018, Abram’s experience in magnetic resonance, molecular imaging, and computed tomography at Siemens Healthineers spanned roles in research and development, product management, business development, and sales. As a staff scientist, he led scientific collaborations between industry and academia at university hospitals and research institutions for pediatric MR applications, application development, and image reconstruction. In 2009, he launched the first simultaneous PET/MR and led the commercial rollout of this new modality into North and South America. His commercial experience managing a territory for computed tomography helped shape his appreciation for customer and patient needs in acute care and trauma, large IDN health systems, and independent private practice.

Abram holds Ph.D., M.S., and Bachelor of Science degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Rutgers University. For his doctoral dissertation he led a multidisciplinary effort with Vascular Surgery at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital and Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering at Rutgers, using fluid mechanics to study cardiovascular disease. He entered radiology during a post-doctoral fellow at the NYU School of Medicine, applying mechanics, motion tracking, and MR application development to the study of pulmonary function and cardiovascular disease.

In his spare time, Abram enjoys surfing, swimming, skiing, hiking, and spending time outside with his wife, son, and two daughters.

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